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Missouri Governor vetoes tax exemption for electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes maybe treated as tobacco in Missouri in-regards to how it is taxed. Jay Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 841, that would have made electronic cigarettes exempt form current tobacco tax laws.Gov. Nixon vetoes legislation exempting e-cigarettes from tobacco lawsJEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon Monday vetoed Senate Bill 841, legislation favored by the tobacco industry [...]

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Electronic Cigarette market gets shakeup with Big Tobacco

The Electronic Cigarette market will have more competetion as big tobacco has now entered the market. Reynolds is planning to roll out it e-cig, VUSE nation wide.E-cig market gets shakeup with top brand's saleCompetition in the electronic cigarette market, which has boomed into a billion-plus dollar industry, could intensify as tobacco maker Reynolds American...You can read [...]

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Scientist tote the benefits of Electronic Cigarettes to the World Health Organization

Electronic Cigarettes are considered to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in public health. 53 scientist from around the world wrote a letter to the World Health Organization, toting the benefits of E-Cigs over tobacco.LOWE: Let’s take a breath and think about e-cigarettesWhere do we stand on electronic cigarettes? Anyone got an answer?E-cigarettes and the nicotine juice used [...]

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North Carolina may repeal a state tax targeting Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes, E Juice is set to be taxed at a rate of $0.05 per/ml in North Carolina. This new law is set to take effect on June 1, 2015. John Locke Foundation researchers recommend that the tax be repealed.Legislators Should Scrap New N.C. Tax on E-CigarettesRALEIGH — North Carolina lawmakers should "make history" by becoming the first [...]

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Philip Morris buys one of the Britain's Largest Electronic Cigarette Makers

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a hot commodities for large tobacco companies. I appears Philip Morris just bought out one of the largest Electronic Cigarette makers in the United Kingdom.Philip Morris Strikes U.K. E-Cigarette DealLONDON— Philip Morris International Inc. PM +0.77% said on Thursday that it has bought one of Britain's biggest electronic cigarette makers, Nicocigs [...]

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