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Building Your Electronic Cigarette Coils For Naturally Extracted Tobacco

I have looked at the problem with gunked up coils for a while, like a lot of you here.The reasons why the coils gunk up are because of the tobacco micro particles, but mainly the sugars. I don't know if we want to remove all the sugar and "flavor" particles.Other major contributing factors are the [...]

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E-cigarettes with nicotine illegal, but shops still selling product

E-cigarettes with nicotine illegal, but shops still selling productIt’s a rainy Sunday and Karim Yassine takes a puff from his lime green electronic pipe. He doesn’t smell like a cigarette, as he exhales...You can read the article below...just copy and past the link into your browser.http://metronews.ca/news/ottawa/1098430/e-cigarettes-with-nicotine-illegal-but-shops-still-selling-product/

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2014 Electronic Cigarette Convention

Electronic Cigarettes Convention to be held in Ontario California. Looks to be an exciting event...Hope to see you all there!The 2014 Electronic Cigarette Convention will be held at the Ontario Convention Center on September 5, 6, & 7, 2014. Exhibitor booth reservations can be made by contacting...You can read the article below...just copy and past the [...]

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Electronic Cigarettes advertising on Twitter, Facebook should it be banned?

Electronic Cigarettes are banned from advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Should this policy against Electronic Cigarettes stop?Should electronic cigarettes be banned from advertising on Twitter, Facebook?While advertising for conventional cigarettes has long been prohibited in the US, e-cigarettes are being routinely advertised in traditional and social media including Twitter...You can read [...]

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Montreal health department calls for Electronic Cigarettes

Montreal public health calls for e-cigarette regulationsMontreal’s public health department has piped up about e-cigarettes, issuing recommendations and calling on them to be regulated.Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity, especially among younger people...You can read the article below...just copy and past the link into your browser.http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/montreal-public-health-calls-for-e-cigarette-regulations-1.1924648

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E-Juice maybe required to have child-proof safety caps and warning labels in New York State

New York may require all Electronic Cigarette E Juice to have child-proof safety caps and warning labels. This maybe a good thing for the industry as we move closer to standardization.Sen. Schumer Proposes Regulations For Liquid E-Cigarette ContainersNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York Sen. Charles Schumer unveiled a proposal Sunday to require child-proof safety caps and [...]

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Electronic Cigarette researchers look to Facebook to assess risks

E-cigarette researchers are looking at Facebook to find information on the risk of Electronic Cigarettes. They are looking at how people tinker with there E-Cig to deliver more nicotine.E-cigarette researchers count puffs, scour Facebook to assess risksOne team of researchers assessing the risks of electronic cigarettes is counting the puffs taken by volunteer "vapers." Another [...]

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Missouri Governor vetoes tax exemption for electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes maybe treated as tobacco in Missouri in-regards to how it is taxed. Jay Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 841, that would have made electronic cigarettes exempt form current tobacco tax laws.Gov. Nixon vetoes legislation exempting e-cigarettes from tobacco lawsJEFFERSON CITY - Gov. Jay Nixon Monday vetoed Senate Bill 841, legislation favored by the tobacco industry [...]

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Electronic Cigarette market gets shakeup with Big Tobacco

The Electronic Cigarette market will have more competetion as big tobacco has now entered the market. Reynolds is planning to roll out it e-cig, VUSE nation wide.E-cig market gets shakeup with top brand's saleCompetition in the electronic cigarette market, which has boomed into a billion-plus dollar industry, could intensify as tobacco maker Reynolds American...You can read [...]

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